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You feel like the rope that gets used in a game of tug o' war... being pulled this way and that way -- feeling torn between each side... Have you found yourself evolving and standing in this place where you KNOW your business is bigger than yourself?!?! Have you ever felt like you were meant to do MORE!?

Maybe you're ready to take more risks... Maybe you're ready to jump out of the box of indecision... and that's because deep down you know that staying stuck and feeling forced to make a decision between one or the other just... does... not... feel... right.

You ARE meant for more... and all of those things you've been taught to choose between are the very unique things that set you apart from the rest... they're the very things that make the risk worth it.

So throw down the rope and stop feeling pulled in every direction... these things that you love are the very things you need to lean in to. You my friend are multi-passionate and you are not alone. 

You deserve the freedom to be fulfilled doing exactly what you love...
not just one thing you love.

Does this sound like you?

>> Leverage all of that hard work you’ve been investing...
>> Lean in to being a successful multi-passionate....
>> Maximize your leadership platform...
>> Find fulfillment in more than one thing...
>> Create multiple sources of revenue...
>> Brainstorm solutions and ideas with other like-minded creatives

Imagine if you could...

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A carefully crafted event created just for people like you... the multi-passionate creatives. Leverage + Lead is the ultimate in person one day retreat that is catered to overcoming the specific road blocks that multi-passionate creatives stumble across.

leverage + lead


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you know... the good stuff!

Here's what's included

8 hour in-person retreat | DATE TBD

6 month mastermind program

6 month access to group coaching

In-person breakout summit | DATE TBD

or ask about split payments

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Learn more about...

Experience the powerful energy that comes with sitting in a room with other like-minded creatives

Guest Speakers

th retreat

Lay the foundation for your creative future

Develop relationships that will foster and accelerate your growth throughout the mastermind

Surprise Guest Experts

Online Community

Brainstorm solutions and ideas


Bi-weekly virtual check in

Spotlight Feature Opportunities to share YOUR expertise

6 month virtual mastermind

Accountability and Support


8 hour in person retreat

Breakout Leader Opportunities

Guest Speakers

breakout summit

Intentional Action Planning

Laser Focused Breakout Sessions


Breakout Summit


oh darn!

Can't make the in-person events?!

only $597


or ask about the monthly payment option


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the speakers


These experts are sure to fill your notebooks with actionable takeaways and leave you feeling inspired and motivated to leverage and lead.



ashley + jeremy










community building and leveraging

storytelling and leading a team

social media strategy

branding and online courses

personal branding and systems

navigating multiple businesses

If you are mult-passionate, driven and are ready to be laser focused on growth and leveraging your leadership potential, then this is for you. If you are willing to share, encourage and challenge not only other people, but yourself... and you're a high-level thinker with the ability to overcome limiting beliefs... This is for you.


Got Questions!?

A Mastermind helps you harness and leverage the focus behind your success. It helps you see beyond your own limitations and it expands your perspective on your visions and goals. Mastermind groups offer a combination of brainstorming, education, peer accountability and support in a group setting to sharpen your business and personal skills. Participants challenge each other to set powerful goals, and more importantly, to accomplish them. 

What is a mastermind?

These are online virtual calls where you can connect more with the other members. You'll be encouraged and challenged while working together to achieve ultimate success. 

what are the bi-weekly virtual opportunities?

We offer split payments for the Leverage + Lead Program and we offer monthly payments for the Mastermind only. Please use the the QUESTIONS button below to inquire. 


Ooooo friend, click on QUESTIONS below – We want you 100% confident in your decision to become a member of this program... let's chat about your hesitations!

What do you mean by group coaching?

Group Coaching is a facilitative approach on a more focused goal or piece of content. This will be led by an instructor.

What if i can't attend the first event?

If you cannot attend the first event, please feel free to sign up for the Mastermind only. The Mastermind is still an incredible opportunity for you to leverage + lead and maximize your success!

The Leverage + Lead program offers TWO in person events with a six month mastermind in between. You are strongly encouraged to attend both events and you will have bi-weekly virtual mastermind call opportunities - it's recommended that you at least try to attend one each month. You will get out of this program what you put into it. Show up and people will show up for you. 

How much of a commitment will this require?

Due to the nature of this Program, no refunds will be given if you decide to leave the Program. All members must agree to the terms and conditions upon registering. Sign up if you are driven to success... however that looks for you.

what if i want to leave the prograM?

What if i have more questions?


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